Kite Tropical Kiteboarding Instructors Puerto Rico

Our Kiteboarding Staff here at Kite Tropical Kiteboarding Consists of Two Professional Kiteboarding Instructors and Two Family members that help us entertain our guests! From beginner through advanced lessons, we are proud to have one of the  best kiteboarding learning locations  in the Caribbean!

Tim Freyer

Owner/Master Instructor/Everything else

 I have been teaching and Kiteboarding FULL TIME for over 7 years now. I originally started teaching in the NYC area. Winters are brutal there so I decided to start traveling to the Tropics. I came to Puerto Rico and immediately made it  my new home. I set up Kite Tropical and decided to go with a personal one-on-one approach with my students. I like to get to know them and become friends and above all, Teach them how to be a successful kiteboarder!  I offer more then Kite Lessons on my vacation tours. I also like to take my students out at night and show them around the Island that I now call home! Read more in my blog!

    Jose -Ze Rui da Cruz-

    IKO Instructor/Head Instructor/Ripper

    Jose Cruz began kiting in 2005 in Cape Verde! I met Jose in 2008 on my first trip here to San Juan, he simply rips it up.  Hi Speaks three languages and is our Master instructor.  He has taught over 3000 students in various locations. From Thailand to Hawaii, he has traveled, sailed and kited so many amazing spots. He is a great teacher, patient, sponsored and one cool guy. He teaches an advanced and progressive method that he has developed over his years as a teacher. He knows how to spot a students weaknesses and help them improve in a speedy fashion.  From unhooked tricks to Kitesurfing monster waves, Jose will get you stoked and riding in quick fashion!  


      Tour Guide/Kite Jockey

      Omaira A. helps with our Kitehouse and is a Boricua born and raised. Not scared of anything, including poisonous spiders or exploring the unknown forests of Puerto Rico, she loves to show her country to our students in her off time. She is very proud of the land and knows places in Puerto Rico that most locals don’t! Try  some of her home made Local Puerto Rican dishes!

        Tucan Sammy

        Kite Jockey/Local Ripper

        I was kiteboarding in Aguadilla one afternoon when this little local grom came up to me and asked me what I was doing. He wanted to try and fly my kite but I told him it was something you can’t do without lessons. He said “so teach me then gringo”! I took him up on his offer and within one month he started pulling some serious tricks. Well, now he works around the school fixing kites, pumping kites and everything else we can think of! He hopes to be teaching soon, when he hits the ripe old age of 17! 

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