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Kite Tropical Surfing Lessons in Rincon-Isabela

Surfing Pictures Gallery Rincon Puerto Rico

Let’s go surfing! Early mornings or evening surfing  sessions in Rincon or Isabela Puerto Rico are the absolute best! I have been surfing since I could swim. It is easy to get up on the board and I will show you how. Let’s explore the reefs at Mariahs Beach, Domes, Sandy Beach, Jobos Beach and more! There is always a little wave to ride somewhere in Western Puerto Rico! Get up early and let’s go surf!


The waves vary in size here from 2-3 feet consistent, good for beginners to well overhead in the 20ft+ range. However big the waves are on any given day we have spots to surf that are small and safe for beginners. If you already know how to surf then I’ll join you on the outside reef for some big sets! I have longboards, shortboards and fishes for you to useor we can rent boards daily in Rincon Puerto Rico for $20  for a few hours. Let’s go surf Rincon or Isabela Puerto Rico!


Let’s go Snorkel in Rincon-Aguadilla-Isabela-Cabo Rojo Western Puerto Rico!

There are tons of beautiful coral reefs around the western part of the island. Schools of beautiful fish and more! So much to see here that YOU HAVE to go for a snorkel at least once. I will show you around and be your tour guide for this adventure. I have tons of snorkel gear for all sizes!

New to snorkeling?

Kite Tropical Snorkel Tips



1) Don’t Rent From The Beach!

If you rent snorkel gear right on the beach you’re typically going to pay an arm and a leg for average snorkel rentals. Some beach kiosks actually charge $100 week for their snorkel rentals! However, most resort or beach kiosks will charge on average $20/day or $50/week for snorkel rentals. Make sure to ask about our stand-up paddle boards and surf board rentals. We can also save you a tremendous amount of money on those as well.


2) Rent Quality Gear!

This might seem like a no brainer but renting quality snorkel gear is really important to having a great snorkeling experience that you’ll want to remember. There are two main things to remember when renting snorkel gear. 1) Not all snorkel sets are the same. 2) Dry-Mouth snorkels are not just for advanced snorkelers. If you’re new to snorkelling we recommend them even more! We only rent the newest and best snorkeling gear on Maui.


3) Snorkel with a buddy

Snorkeling with a partner is always a good idea. Puerto Rico’s waters are usually pretty calm but snorkeling with a buddy is safer and you’ll have more looking at fish and exploring the reef.


4) Don’t Smile!

We’re serious about this one! Believe it or not… the smile lines your face naturally makes will break the seal of your mask every time, allowing water in. You can definitely have fun out there. Just no smiling. :)


5) Respect the Coral and Sealife

Remember that coral is a living thing. Touching it and stepping on it actually kills it. Also keep in mind to never touch a Green Sea Turtle. You could get a fine or even worse, accidentally hurt them.


6) Pick the right time

You can snorkel in Puerto Rico pretty much anytime there is sunlight however there are times that are more prime than others. Snorkeling during the times from 8am – 3pm is ideal!


7) Snorkel with good visibility

Only snorkel in clear water. Puerto Ricos’ ocean water is generally pretty clear all year round. It usually only gets murky after a heavy rain Nothing worse than a murky day when you’re trying to go snorkelling. Make sure to check the conditions before you head to the beach.


8) Stay close!

Sometimes you might be following a group of spotted eagle rays or a beautiful sea creature and loose track of where you swam to. You never want to be more than 50 yards from the closest beach.


9) Hold the spit.

Even though spitting in your mask helps your mask not to fog up, we provide everyone with a bottle of defog so you don’t have to. :)


10) Don’t Be A LitterBug

Most people don’t litter intentionally, however sometimes portions of trash get covered up by sand making it hard to see. Just make sure to double check that you did’t leave any trash on the beach before you leave. Mahalo!


11) Have fun!

By far the most important part of snorkeling! Snorkeling is by far one of the most fun things to do in Puerto Rico. Have a blast while being safe! Just remember not to smile. Smile lines break the seal of your mask every time.



Pinktail-Triggerfish, Aquatica Snorkeling.

Let’s go SUP in Western Puerto Rico

Stand Up Paddle boarding is a fun alternative when there is nothing else to do. It is not number one on my list but I still love it anyway! Let’s explore the reef from a different point of view. All you have to do is stand! Can you do that?



Pinktail-Triggerfish, Aquatica Snorkeling.

Let’s go Scuba Dive Rincon-Isabela-Aguadilla Puerto Rico!

I have some close friends that own scuba dive shops in Rincon and Aguadilla. They offer beginner near shore classes at the scuba dive trench of puerto rico. My friend Brenda at or my friend Jose at . A MUST TRY if we have the time!


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