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I grew up in Long Beach NY and had a rather interesting life. I started playing music at the early age of 10 years old. I grew a passion for playing the bass guitar. I formed my first band when I was 15 and by 20 years old I was on tour! I had a great run for a few years until my singer died from a self inflicted gunshot wound. To say the least I was in shock. The band broke up shortly after that but remain good friends till this day.

I needed what you might call a job! My manager of the band was a killer day trader and he told me I would most likely have the brains for it since I beat him in chess within three months of learning the game. I gave it a shot and made some money then lost it all. I might be smart but I came in at the absolute worst time in the market. I had a fun time trading but it wasn’t for me. Time to move on!

I met a friend at a card game who introduced me to kiteboarding. I instantly became hooked (or unhooked!) and gave up everything I was doing to purse the sport. We started a small Kiteboarding business which grew much quicker then I wanted it to or cared for it too. He was a business man to the fullest extent and I did not feel like being trapped behind a computer selling kiteboarding gear, I WANTED TO KITE!

We split ways after a year in business and I ventured on to my true passion, being on the beach and teaching new kiteboarding students! I started a small by appointment only lesson center in NY and had a blast teaching there for 4 years. However, the winters were brutal and I always traveled to keep the warm stoke.

I fell in love with Puerto Rico on my third trip here and quickly packed up EVERYTHING and moved back within two weeks. ALot of people visit here and swear up and down they are going to quit their job and move here. Just do it, why wait! I started Kite Tropical and it has been growing at a great pace. I do not want it to be a huge Kiteboarding School, I prefer a personal one on one approach with a handful of students per week. Hey, I need some time to Kite myself bro!


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Isabela, Puerto Rico

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Hi Honey!
Enjoy your Roses :)
Went Kiting, Back in one week!
Love ~Jimmy
To Do List:
-Sell House
- Quit Job
-Divorce Wife ???
-Move to P.R.
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