Kiteboarding Lessons and Kite Tours in Western Puerto Rico for ALL Experience Levels, With a personal one-on-one approach!

Why Puerto Rico

There’s a reason why Puerto Rico is called the “Hawaii of the Atlantic;” Spectacular Views, Miles of Prestine Kite Beaches, Rain Forests and the Caribbean’s ONLY dry forest. Come see what Puerto Rico has to offer that other Caribbean Islands can’t compete with! Come see why I chose Puerto Rico as my Permanent Vacation!

Sun Up Activities

Kite Tropical is a TRUE Puerto Rico Adventure Vacation. We offer Private Kiteboarding Lessons and Tours from complete beginner packages to advanced tours. We also offer Morning Surfing Lessons in Rincon & Isabela as well as Scubda Diving, Snorkeling and Paragliding Excusrions and much much more!

Sun Down Activities

I love to Kite, Surf and anything that involves adventure! That being said, I love a great night out on the town! Kite Tropical is more then your Kiteboarding Adventure. We enjoy making friends with our visitors and showing them a fun time. From Local Restaurants to Crowded Upscale Clubs, Puerto Rico has it all!

Getting Here

I have lived in various Caribbean Islands before exploring and settling in Western Puerto Rico. WHY? The trade winds blow 300+ days a year, the water is flat for beginners and we have big waves for advanced riders. Only a short 3 hour direct and very economic flight from the Northeast and get this…NO PASSPORT REQUIRED!


Beginner Lessons

Kite Tropical ONLY teaches with the latest Kiteboarding Equipment. We have various teaching locations all dependent on the wind, waves and rider ability level. We start students that are new to the sport of Kiteboarding in shallow water. Here we learn the basics of setting up the kite, safety, flying and body dragging. We offer two way radio’s which dramatically increase your learning abilities. We teach in a secluded shallow bay with a sandy bottom. We have equipment for all shapes and sizes. Click HERE for More info!

Puerto Rico or Dominican?

I have lived & taught kiteboarding on both islands.  I like Kiteboarding in Cabarete but I don’t Love it and here is why Puerto Rico is the best Kiteboarding Vacation Destination. We get the wind FIRST, no gaps or holes, it’s clean and consistent. We are 80 miles east of the D.R.. To Travel here is hassle free, easy and cheaper. U.S. owned,so no passport required to travel to Puerto Rico. The reefs here produce HUGE waves and the inside is flat NOT choppy. Minimal Crowds and a MUCH NICER ISLAND. READ MORE!

Kiteboarding Tours

At Kite Tropical Kiteboarding, we know ALL of the great Kiteboarding spots and locations in Puerto Rico! If you are an intermediate to experienced rider call us and schedule a kiteboarding tour! Our guided tours are catered to your riding style. Puerto Rico has a WIDE range of conditions unlike ANY other Caribbean Island.  We have the perfectly flat waters of La Parguera to the Consistent Waves of Isabela Beach’s.  We also offer Downwinders on our tours with pick up, drop off and supervised riding.  Kite Gear Rentals Included!

Where to Stay?

Kite Tropical offers a personal One-on-One Kiteboarding Instructional experience with our students. We are an ALL INCLUSIVE Kiteboarding Vacation. We like to make our customers feel at home and get a feel for the culture. We have discounts with many hotels! You are also INVITED to stay *FREE at our Upscale  Kite Guest House located steps from the beach. We have everything from food,drinks and entertainment on premise. We offer a warm and welcoming stay!

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Kite Tropical Teaching Locations

For Beginner Lessons we have three teaching Locations. We teach In Anasco, Puerto Rico on a wide open beach behind Yukayeke Beach Resort.  Most days the beach is completely empty of other Kiters. I personally found this secret spot which isn’t so secret anymore!  However, it is a GREATshallow beginner spot with a sandy bottom beach and a consistent wind of 10-16 knots. It’s perfect for a beginner and the wind is not terrifying! Expect your first couple of hours here, in private, without other kiters getting in your way and vise-versa!

As you progress with your Kite Skills, we progress to more advanced locations.  We teach Lessons at Stone Peak in Aquada , I 2 mile wide open bay, with a mix of sand on the inside and reef with waves on the outside. This spot is relatively glassy on the inside and has some waves on the outside. This spot is great for beginner-intermediate students with few people to get in your way unless it is going off! Average wind speed daily is about 12-20knots+



Once we feel you are becoming a more confident and comfortable kiter and can stay upwind, we explore Kiteboarding in the Isabela Area. Some of our talented students get the chance to ride in some of the absolute best wind conditions in the Caribbean and perhaps the world. Average wind speed ranges from 12knots-25+.

There are some great spots to ride here from Montones to Shacks and beyond. Absolutely perfect wind and waves with a few flat water wakestyle spots to be had. There are quite a few Kiteboarders in Isabela Puerto Rico, but it is far less crowded then Cabarete. Although, like Cabarete and numerous other Kite Spots in The Caribbean, there is reef here and some water hazards. Again, we ONLY take our intermediate and advanced students to kite at  these locations. Do not worry, Our other secluded Kiteboarding spots have great wind and all of our students leave happy and ready to ride on their own. We follow IKO teaching methods! Ask about our certification course with our qualified IKO instructor!

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Do you know how to Kite? Come ride the waves!

I have NEVER lived or Kited in place where the locals get bummed out if there is wind! My first few days I would fly down to the beach with all signs of nuking wind from my indicators ( palm trees swaying, my little puppy getting barrel rolled down the street) ! I wouldn’t see anybody pumping up! I was the only one. So, I finally asked one of the Kiters why they aren’t kiting and they said because today bro, waves are small. A few months later and I have become one of them somehow! 

We are ABSOLUTELY spoiled with perfect wind and waves most days of the month. If it’s under 20 knots with 2-3 footers, then it’s best to teach or do something else.  I am still stoked as I have ever been to Kiteboard, but my passion for the past 5 years has been teaching new students. For advanced riders, come on down and I will show you the ropes on Kiting in waves. I offer a special discount since you know how to kite already! Waves that can and do reach 15ft+ , super long lines, and BETTER wind than ANYWHERE else in the Caribbean! Check out MY KITEBOARDING IN PUERTO RICO BLOG HERE!

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